Portfolio/Green Park

Eclectic Charm

The apartment was designed to reflect the persona of a young couple. Furnished using bright colors, the apartment interiors are youthful with an eclectic charm. Dining table and door have been painted in yellow color, which vivifies them, adding life to space. Different design of the chairs, all painted in one color, is a trendsetter in recent times.

Portfolio/Cyber City

Institute of Personal Leadership

It’s a patch of green amidst the concrete and glass walls of Cyber City. Natural wood tones bring in the Zen feel. The interiors have been designed to ensure, that the environs reverberate the vivifying aura, and create the apt atmosphere for training leaders. A place that feels lesser like an office, but more like an ecosystem of growth.

Portfolio/National Media Center, Gurgaon

Southwestern Style Villa

Constructed from basement to 3rd floor, the villa has a confluence of 2 different styles. The Mediterranean style silhouettes the overall design, and it evolves into a subtle Southwestern adobe style. The edges have been rounded, with arches and tile inserts, which are enhanced by the earthy and pastel color palate. With handmade furniture, and natural materials encompassing the design, unrestricted sunshine into the villa allow the interiors to come to life.

Tetra Pak

Portfolio/Cyber Hub


Situated amidst the busiest business park of Gurgaon, Cyber City, Italianos, an Italian restaurant, that firmly stands with the meaning of its name, not only in the taste of its scrumptious food but also the interiors. The interiors have been given a tint of street style fused with Italian culture and modern design.

Portfolio/Trinity Towers, Gurgaon

Rustic Chic Interiors

The project was to renovate an existing apartment and get it to speak the lifestyle of its owners. Except for walls, each and everything was brought into existence from scratch. With an eclectic charm, the new interiors have a rustic finish. One of the four bedrooms was made into a den cum media room.

Portfolio/Tatvam Villas, Gurgaon

Mediterranean Villa

A builder built row house villa, with simple cream-colored walls, was converted into a vivifying abode, adorned by Mediterranean theme. Cladding and texture were introduced over the walls, with a white color base, having accents of blue and red. Arches built in the openings separated the dining and living area. The overall design quotient of the villa was enhanced by the installation of Moroccan light fixtures, and fans.

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